Assignment 1: Plan for Implementation(section 3 on the example paper)

You are expected to develop a plan that describes the steps for the proposed implementation. Please review the readings, sample paper, and grading rubric for guidance. Use the EBP Project Proposal Template and insert module writing requirements. Submit paper in entirety with each module assignment. Please include all previous sections of your EBP proposal.

Criteria to address as subheadings and as narrative where you will apply the PARIHS framework:

  • Stakeholders

Who are the stakeholders for your project?

    • Who is your target population?
    • Who do you need to persuade to get this project implemented?
    • Who must know about the project?
    • When do they need to know about it?
    • How will they know?
    • Who is your support team?
  • Organizational fit

    • How is the project congruent with goals, values and mission of the unit?(I work in step down/ICU unit)
    • How is the project congruent with goals, values and mission of the system?
    • What similar initiatives and EBP projects have been completed successfully at the agency?
  • Barriers to EBP Implementation
  • Facilitation Strategies for EBP Implementation
  • Resources Needed
    • People, equipment, fiscal and other material needed to implement project.
    • How are you securing these resources?
    • Who do you need as a team to get this project implemented successfully?

Narrative synthesis must be 5 -10 pages in length.(I would like 6 pages and +1page for the time table=7pages total for this section).

Additional Criteria to address in table format:

  • Estimated Timetable Blueprint for Implementation (see table in template)


Assignment 2: Plan to Evaluate Implementation(section 4 on the example paper)


You are expected to develop a plan to evaluate the implementation of the EBP project. Please review all the past readings, table template, resources, instructions, and rubric. Please include a narrative that defines the baseline data (this is described in section A below). You may also add additional information as noted in the sample paper if appropriate to your EBP proposal. The narrative must be 2-4 pages in length. The table for this plan should include Sections B through D below.(3 pages total)

Narrative for Section A; Table for Sections B thru D

EBP Evaluation Plan

  1. Define baseline data sources and collection strategies – describe data that has been

collected which identified need for proposal. It has to be specific baseline data that the

results (outcomes) of your proposed implementation will be compared to post


B Define outcome indicators for your project (see table)

  1. Define outcome measures (see table)
  2. Define – time of collection and person responsible (see table


Please keep the format as the example paper and also APA style please.

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