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As the Curriculum Coordinator of a year-round middle school (grades 5 through 9), housed in a large, urban district in the Midwest, you have been asked to lead an initiative to develop a Violence Prevention Program. Due to alarming increases in acts of violence at the middle school level, the district superintendent has mandated that the implementation of this new program begin within one academic year and be piloted for a minimum of three years. You are charged with collaborating with other stakeholders to develop, implement, and assess this plan. You must present the overall plan to the school board in six months. Because of a recent shooting at one nearby middle school, stakeholders are highly emotional, and the media has been very inquisitive.

Explain how you will identify stakeholders, communicate with various constituents, incorporate a professional development program for staff focused on the integration of violence prevention, and monitor and evaluate the new program.

As you decide upon how you will supervise this initiative, you must address the following:

A. Provide a context (type of institution, size, location, demographics, etc.) for your answer that will illustrate how your answer meets the needs of your particular educational system.

B. Describe the communication process you will use with each group of stakeholders as well as how you will support collaboration throughout this community.

C. Describe how you will assist and support the faculty to ensure a high level of student learning. This support should address the faculty?s instructional strategies that meet the needs of all types of learners.

D. Describe how you will monitor and evaluate the use of appropriate teaching strategies that ensure positive and engaging learning environments.

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