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Education Assignment

Education Assignment 1: Academic Poster 15%

Prepare an academic poster which demonstrates the value of the CLT approach to addressing three main Language classroom realities or challenges based on your experience as a teacher or as a student (choose one perspective only). Ensure that you offer a clear and specific representation of these realities or challenges and their proposed solutions through your poster design. The language used in your poster must be Standard English.

The challenges and solutions must be ‘language-based’ and must be connected to the concept of the teaching and learning of language. The poster should have a border and should hold on an A4 or Letter-sized sheet of paper. You can either make the poster through the use of a pc or create the poster and take a clear and visible picture of it and upload it in the assignment section.

The poster must be a formal representation of the above and in presenting the information outlined above, must also show clear evidence of the following (Please avoid ambiguity in the presentation of your ideas.):
• the value of the CLT approach in the Caribbean classroom
• a reflection of the benefits of the CLT approach to the teaching of English
• a creative display or presentation of three characteristics of the CLT approach as covered in Units 1-3 and as related to the challenges you have chosen for the focus of your poster.

Mark Scheme

Visually Engaging 2 marks
Appropriate and accurate use of language 2 marks
Appropriate and accurate presentation of content 8 marks
Creativity 2 marks
Neatness 1 mark




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