To complete this assignment, please review/use the Ecotourism 101 handout. Questions may relate directly to that handout or require you to use web sites plus the handout. Please answer the questions thoroughly and thoughtfully.

NOTE: Please format with the question first and the answer beneath. Questions must be included. In the event there are multiple questions within a question – format with the question and answer underneath. Assignment may not be graded if not formatted as above.

NOTE: DO NOT BLOCK AND COPY MATERIAL FOR ANSWERS except for definitions and specific lists. In several questions, you will be reviewing the TIES web site for some answers. DO NOT BLOCK AND COPY MATERIAL FROM THE WEB SITE – summarize what TIES says. (That is plagiarism and will result in a 0 for this entire assignment.)

1. Define Ecotourism according to TIES:

2. What are the ecotourism principles that those who implement and participate in responsible tourism activities should follow?

3. What are the processes that define ecotourism?

4. What are the benefits and importance of ecotourism?

Go to (web site for TIES). The following questions/activities will be centered on the web site. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE FROM THE WEBSITE EXCEPT WHERE SPECIFIC DEFINITIONS OR LISTS ARE NEEDED. SUMMARIZE IN YOUR OWN WORDS EVERYWHERE ELSE. Copying = 0

The following questions are from the information in the ABOUT TIES tab on the web site.

5. Summarize the Overview of TIES.

6. What is the mission of TIES?

7. How is ecotourism different from nature tourism and sustainable tourism? (Under FAQ’s)

8. Summarize how ecotourism has evolved over the years. (Under FAQ’s)

9. What is the profile of an ecotourist? (Under FAQ’s)

10. Why is ecotourism important? (Under FAQ’s)

11. What does TIES do? (Under FAQ’s TIES)


12. From pages 2, 3, 4 Defining the Experience

Select 3 different types of “isms” that interest you. Define each and research a little about each. Bullet 8 – 10 facts or bits of information about each. Note where you found the info.

13. Compare and contrast mass tourists versus ecotourists.

14. Ecotourism, sustainable tourism and sustainable development in tourism. Using the notes handout and in your own words, explain each. Compare and contrast each. How are they interconnected? Is one better than another? Which? Why do you say that?

15. Under CREATING A GRADING SYSTEM FOR ECOTOURISM: I am researching kayaking expeditions. I am a rabid ecotourist. What are the requirements I will demand if I only want

to travel with an operator who practices ecotourism at a Level 5?

16. Under TOURISM AND THE ENVIRONMENT – read all of the information under this section. Review the arguments for and against tourism and the environmental, economic, socio-cultural benefits and costs of ecotourism. How are they similar? How are they different? What’s the ultimate benefit of ecotourism? Do you see any? Incorporate all of the information into your answer.

17. How do you make the most of ecotourism?

18. I have the responsibility of developing ecotourism guidelines for visitors to the local zoo. What might they look like? Develop a list of guidelines you would suggest for this type of group and this venue.

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