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  1. Short Answer (24 points)

All short answer questions must be typed and submitted on Canvas by the due date. Answers written and turned in in class will not be graded.

  1. a) Listen to the song “50 Thousand Deep” by Blue Scholars. Which topics of the course do you think the author would most agree with? Disagree with? Explain.

Refer to the article titled, “A new study shows that areas in the US hit hardest by trade have become more politically polarized,” written by Elena Holodny for Business Insider for parts b) and c).…

  1. b) What did the paper find happen to moderate politicians in districts with increased import competition? Answer in your own words (as you should for every question).
  2. c) Relate the findings of the paper to a real-world trade topic you have seen in the news. Do you think the results of the paper can be applied to understanding the topic? In your answer, be sure to tell me what topic you are talking about.
  3. d) How does monopolistic competition relate to intra-industry trade? To receive full credit, answer in detail.
  4. e) In which country do you most associate with? Do you think that country should have more free trade policies, or more protectionist policies? While this is an opinion question, use concepts and specific points discussed throughout the term in your explanation.

Note: Your answer should at least be a paragraph or two long, as this question is worth more points than the other short answer questions. Think of this a question to wrap up the entire course. Total word count at least 350


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