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Economics Module 7.

Module 7.  

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  1. Read Physics for Future Presidents and listen to unconventional ways to solve environmental problems. What are some of the best solutions to the global warming problem? Which of these solutions do you find the most promising?
  2. Food – our basic need – is changing with technology. We enjoy the convenience of mass produced fast food and precooked meals made with GMO crops, and they have the potential to reduce world hunger.  What are some of the advances in food production that can help the developing world? Why do some people oppose GMOs?
  3. If we want to solve the world problems, it may be easier to simply design smarter people who would be able to stop fighting and start thinking of more productive activities. How do you like this idea?
  4. How does web video power global innovation? What is crowd accelerated innovation? What makes it a powerful force? Are you part of it?
  5. There are many armed conflicts in the developing world. How can technology help us stop wars?  I sometimes wonder if every teenager in Afghanistan and Congo had access to broadband connection and a good computer, would they choose to play war games instead of real wars?  Share your ideas of how technology can be used to promote peace.
  6. Select an innovative company. This may be a company from the list of the most innovative businesses, or a business based on sharing (Uber, Zipcar, WeWork, Instacart, Rent the Runway, ThredUp, Chegg), or one that provides on demand service (Postmates, Seamless, UberRUSH, FreshDirect), or a company that is disrupting a “traditional” industry model (Casper, Warby Parker, even Netflix). What kind of old problem has this company solved for its customers? How did it solve it?  What is unique about it – does it have an innovative strategy to reward work, to price its product, to expand into new markets? Does it operate in more than one country?  Do the concepts of reputation capital, network effect, trust and free pricing apply to this company, and how? How can you explain its success?

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Those are resources for following question

  1. Can technology solve the old world problems? 

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