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Economic growth and development

Review the steps the nation is taking for economic growth and development. The nation is Wales

What changes are they making, have they improved the living standards of their citizens? Are they major polluters, have they overcome inequality, controlled population growth, raised income? What is the status of women? Education? What is their relationship with the US? Are they business friendly? Tell me about their political, banking, legal systems, their infrastructure, security. Natural resources? Manufacturing? Export oriented? How many colonist? What is the legal system like? What is the economy like? What does this country have that is attractive to other countries?

DO NOT just go into the CIA reports and babble them back to me. I’ll make you re-do the paper. The 168 nations that are UN members all have internet pages. Do a full search of all sites to get your information. Remember to credit sources if you are using someone else’s information verbatim.

Focus on the economic development of the country over the past several years and any plans for future development they have announced.You might try contacting the economic counsel to the UN for the country and ask them to send you some materials. Explain that you are a university student.

Please include Works cited, 6-8 pages double spaced please use your own thoughts and express opinions including all of the questions and requiremetns stated above.


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