Earth Science

Earth Science

Essay question: answer the following, providing multiple examples for each part of the question. This should take at least two paragraphs.

Why are melting glaciers considered “controllers of the future environment”? What is some of the evidence for the speed at which glaciers are melting? What? Where? What are some of the consequences of melting glaciers?

Files Provided By Professor. – Earth the Biography: Ice

Class Lecture for Atmosphere (Download Server:

Atmosphere chapter summary (Download Server:

Time Scale.docx (Download Server:

Introduction Sociology

Rios “Youth Control Complex”

View this media first:

Then answer the following: (Length 2-3 paragraphs)

  1. What is the “youth control complex” that Rios discusses in his research?
  2. What kind of impact can this have on young Black and Latino males?
  3. How could you apply labeling theory to Rios’s work?
  4. ————————————————————————————- – Fraternities Reading DQ (Answer the questions)
  5. – Deviance and Social Control (PowerPoint File)
  6. ————————————————————————————-

These assignments are from 2 classes, to complete everything is a total of 3 files

  1. Earth Science – Essay Question
  2. Introduction Sociology- Rios “Youth Control Complex” Questions
  3. Introduction Sociology – Fraternities Reading DQ Questions




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