early childhood theorists

early childhood

Research and write about one of the early childhood theorists discussed in weeks 2 and 3.

1. Choose one early childhood theorist (ive chosen lev vygotsky).


4. Using the early literature to write a short essay demonstrating your understanding of lev vygotsky. Your essay must address the following questions:

(i) What were two key ideas about early childhood education that this theorist proposed?

(ii) What one or two social, economic and/or political factors of the time contributed to this theorist?s thinking?

(iii) Identify one or two aspects of this theorizing that are still present in today?s thinking about early childhood education (Your Unit?s required and recommended readings, and the Week 2 and 3 lectures, will assist you to address this question).

clearly demonstrate that you are answering each of the three questions without using subheadings. You will need to include an engaging introduction, a clearly written body with examples and in-text referencing drawn from your reading to support your discussion, and a conclusion that provides a completion to your thinking. It is important that you synthesise information from your sources and use deductive paragraphs. You must demonstrate an ability to use in-text referencing using both paraphrasing and one direct quote, and provide an accurate end-of-text reference list.

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