Dosage Calculation Practice

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Dosage Calculation Practice

Instructions: Answer all questions and show ALL your calculations

  1. A client is to receive oxyfloxacin for upper respiratory infection. The physician has ordered 750mg in a 24 hour period.  The oxyfloxacin is ordered every 8 hours.  How many mg will the nurse administer for each dose?



  1. A client is to receive 800 mL of NS to be infused in 4 hours. The infusion set is calibrated for a drop factor of 20gtts/mL. What is the IV flow rate in gtts/min?




  1. A client is to receive a loading dose of Ciprofloxacin 700 mg, and then 500mg daily 10 days for treatment of bacterial pneumonia. The label reads Ciprofloxacin125 mg per tablet.
  2. How many tablets will the client  receive for the first dose?


  1. How many tablets will the client receive for the daily dose prescribed?


  1. The physician orders Penicillin suspension 800 mg in two divided doses for a patient who weighs 82 lbs. The suspension is available as  125/2mL.


  1. How many kilograms does the child weigh?


  1. What volume should be administered for each dose?


  1. A client is to receive 1200 ml of normal saline over the next 10 hours.  Calculate the IV flow rate in mL/hr.


  1. Your patient needs 350 mg. of tetracycline oral suspension. The label says tetracycline700 mg/ 2mL. How many millimeters should you give?



  1. A client is to receive 800 mL of IV dexterous at a rate of 125 mL/hr.  How long will the infusion take?


  1. A client being treated for metabolic acidosis is to receive 900 ml of ringers lactate over 6 hours. Calculate the IV flow rate.




  1. A client is to receive Heparin sodium 10,000 units subcutaneously. The medication is available as heparin sodium 20,000 units per 2mL.  How many mL will the nurse withdraw for the ordered dose?



  1. The physician ordered 150 mg of Tegretolpo q8h. The label of the drug reads 250 mg per 5mL. How many milliliters will you administer to this patient per dose?










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