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Document Design: Instructional Handout

Use the material from the Memo To Employees that you created for Workplace Communication from Week 2. This Infographic supports your memo and will be posted in the lunchroom.

Include the following in your infographic:

• Design that reveals to the reader how your information is organized

• Effective use of blank space
• Organized and consistent design of active space
• Illustrations taken from screenshots or a snipping tool

• Information referred to in your memo

Continue to develop the characteristics of good writing, and proofread your document for common errors.
Consider using Infographic templates provided by Microsoft PowerPoint. Use your company’s branding and corporate theme colors and fonts.

Submit your assignment as a Microsoft PowerPoint document to the Assignment Files tab.

Supporting Material:Technical Communication, Ch. 9

Technical Communication, Ch. 10

Last Updated on February 15, 2019

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