Do Games Learn From You When You Play Them?

Read one of the papers discussed in Chapter 6, “Do Games Learn From You When You Play Them?”:

  • Player Modeling using Self-Organization in Tomb Raider: Underworld
  • Predicting Player Behavior in Tomb Raider: Underworld
  • Give Me a Reason to Dig: Minecraft and Psychology of Motivation
  • Introverted Elves & Conscientious Gnomes: The Expression of Personality in World of Warcraft
  • PsyOps: Personality Assessment Through Gaming Behavior

For the paper you chose:

  1. Write a short, informal summary of what the paper shows and what you think the key takeaways might be. You of course don’t have to follow this writing style, but as an example, a log of short summaries of somebody papers I’ve once read on this website can be seen.
  2. Identify one interesting data-driven finding about players that the paper shows. How do the authors establish the finding that you chose? How solid or certain is the finding from a scientific perspective?
  3. Identify one question or uncertainty about the study: Does it fall short somewhere, or leave questions unanswered?

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