Disorders of Neurologic Function

Health sciences and medicine

Disorders of Neurologic Function

Project description

Bellow you will find a clinical case study. The case study starts with a description of a patients’ medical history, followed by discussion question/s. First, you have to analyze the medical history of the patient. As you read the patient’s information:

Highlight any risk factors that might exist, existing medical conditions, present signs and symptoms or complains that the patient is suffering from.

Analyze the results of any diagnostic tests that were performed. Diagnostic tests include, physical exams, blood test, radiologic tests (x-ray, CT scans, etc.), and other functional tests.

Relate the medical treatment used to the underlying pathology.

Propose clinical management plan for the patient’s condition, and possible prognosis.

M.G. is an 8-year-old boy who has been brought to the emergency department by his parents with a fever of 104º F, lethargy, headache, and stiff neck. Laboratory analysis of a spinal tap demonstrates increased white blood cells in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).

Discussion Questions

What is the most likely cause of M.G.’s signs and symptoms? What is the origin and pathogenesis? What other laboratory findings would be consistent with this etiology?

What are common complications of this disorder, and how would one assess for their occurrence?

What is the usual treatment for this disorder?

Please, every question needs to be answered and parenthetical citations included.

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