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Discussion Question 2 Respond 3 (Vivian Oghenerhuohwo)

Patient advocacy is defending and protecting the patient’s right by supporting their decision to impact optimal patient outcome . Nurse s have a significant role in advocating for their patient by strives to protect the health, safety, and rights of the patients . A nurse must be vocal to be patient advocate.

The nurse uses effective communication skills to coordinate care between the multidisciplinary team; to discuss changes in patient care thus can facilitate informed decision- making. Also, by means of educating the public on wellness and prevention to avoid readmission Helbig (2018) . Developing a nurse -patient relationship, help the nurse to understand, and have the knowledge that will guide patient advocate.

Nurses can also direct patients to various government agencies, provide information about social services, emergency preparedness, and different providers and facilities that the patient may need upon discharge. Helbig, ( 2018).

The nurse does assume many roles when caring for patients to ensure the patient receives the care needed. The nurse not only provides daily routine care and medications but also acts as the patient’s liaison between all the disciplines he or she meets during hospitalization.

I have a recent experience in my unit. A 50-year-old male was admitted and treated for major depressive disorder and suicidal thought with no plan.

Throughout the period of hospitalization, he stays to himself, guarded upon approach as to self- disclosure, although he is visible on the unit. On the day of discharge , aftercare follow up appointment andmedications instructions are given, and address is on file, but he refuses to leave.

At the initialhours of the day, he was asking for keys to his apartment but after doing through his chart, nokeys were documented. L ong story short, staffs became frustrated, ambulette is wait but patient refuse to leave. The discharge nurse no longer feels comfortable to discharge this patient, he calls the doctor to cancel the discharge orders.

Within the short period of awaiting to let him through the door, this patient was about hanging himself in the bathroom. Aftermuch engagement, he then reviews to the nurse that he is homeless, and he don’t want to mention it to anyone. We coordinate with the social worker and make arrangement to discharge him to the shelter.


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