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Discussion Forum 5

Discussion Forum 5

There are two parts to this forum; in the first part, you’ll carefully read the Essay 2 Assignment Prompt that I’ve posted to Moodle. I’d like you to reflect on at least two (though you may choose more) places that you might like to profile; be creative. I’ve had students profile recording studios, team clubhouses and locker rooms–it’s amazing where people will allow you to go if you politely contact them and let them know you’ve got a “school project.”

Sometimes the answer is no, but usually people are delighted to help. So please write about at least two possible places you’d like to visit; eventually, you’ll have to choose one, and in the Writing Journal for this week (due Sunday), I’m asking you to narrow things down a bit.

For the second part of the Discussion Forum, I’d like you to watch this video, which is a video profile of the Vatican Library

In what ways is this a profile? What did you like about the video? What, if anything, could you apply to your essay?

Make sure your post is at least 250 words total; in your replies, please let your peers know which of their two ideas interests you more and why. Make sure your replies are at least 50 words each.

Last Updated on February 10, 2019

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