Discussion 1 and 2

Discussion One minimum 100 words

This activity is about creating valid or invalid arguments. Come up with two arguments of your own from the six kinds of arguments we’ve covered in class (modus ponens, modus tollens, the fallacy of affirming the consequent, the fallacy of denying the antecedent, disjunctive syllogism, and the fallacy of affirming a disjunct). Label each argument so students can see which kinds of arguments you’ve used. Then, create a third argument and do NOT label it.


Discussion Two

Here are some practice problems for you to discuss. Please look over each argument and figure out if it is valid or invalid. Then, share a few of your answers, and try to explain using your own words how the argument either employs proper reasoning or jumps to a conclusion. 

  1. If Kendrick cursed out his boss, then he will get fired. Kendrick didn’t curse out his boss. Therefore, Kendrick didn’t get fired.
  2. If a pet is a puppy, then it is a reptile. My pet is a puppy. Therefore, my pet is a reptile.
  3. If Cristiano majors in business, then he will have to take many math classes. Cristiano doesn’t have to take many math classes. Therefore, Cristiano isn’t a business major.
  4. Selena will buy some shampoo or perfume. She bought perfume. Therefore, Selena didn’t buy shampoo.
  5. If Paula curses out her boss, then she will get fired. Paula hasn’t cursed out her boss. Therefore, Paula won’t get fired.


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