Disability or exceptionality

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The student will be asked to write a 3-5 page reflection paper (3 page minimum, 5 page maximum- cover page NOT included in page total!) using elements of APA style (specifically an APA style title page, double-spacing, 12 pt./Times New Roman font, pages numbered in upper right corner) related to the following learning exercise:


  • Use the internet to research a disability or exceptionality that is of particular interest to you. Perhaps it is a disability or exceptionality you don’t know much about, one that touches you on a personal level or one that you might work with professionally in the future? Explain why you picked this particular disability or exceptionality. 
  • Look for news articles, research articles, resource websites, blogs, etc. from the last few years to get a sense of the current major topics of discussion or pressing issues related to this area of disability/exceptionality. Such topics could include (but aren’t limited to) issues related to diagnosis, research findings, treatment(s), education, family dynamics and functioning/parenting, employment, inclusion/exclusion in society, discrimination, legal issues, etc.  Try to focus on mainstream and credible sources of information,but maybe also check out some blogs or websites containing personal anecdotes as well! Briefly describe some of the main topics/themes you encountered during your broad search.
  • Find at least 3 sources/articles/blogs related to a particular theme/issue/topic/debate you learned about regarding this disability/exceptionality and summarize your findings on this particular theme/issue/topic/debate.
  • After summarizing the views/thoughts of others on this topic/theme/debate/issue, what is your view on this particular topic/theme/debate/issue? What did you learn from your general research on the particular disability or exceptionality?
  • Include links and list the 3 or more articles/sources you used for your discussion about a particular theme/issue/topic/debaterelated to a specific disability or exceptionality at the end of your paper (this portion is NOT included in the 3-5 page requirement!)



For details on APA style, the student can refer to the Purdue Owl Online Writing Lab website:






The student will be evaluated using the following basic rubric:


Content: 40 points

(How much effort and thought did you put into the paper and how is that reflected in the content?)

Use of APA Style/Grammar/Punctuation/Format/Appropriate Paper Length.:  10 points



Total Possible Points:  50 points


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