Differences in Perceptions

Please address the questions below:

After reading the relevant text chapters, the Module 3 content guides, and other sources, what new realizations have you gained about risks and progression of substance use disorders?
How might your perceptions of risk for use of so called “safe” or “commonly used” drugs differ from those of adolescents, or their parents?

How might you go about addressing those differences in perceptions with an adolescent?
Please post a response, and remember to respond to at least two other people’s postings. All posts should be thoughtful and relevant.

Some Best Practices for effective online discussion:

Do not simply state “I agree” or share a personal story about yourself or others.
Make your reply relevant and connect to the specific course readings or peer-reviewed research studies you have read
Focus on specific details from your reading, a case study, an additional article you read, etc. that can enrich your discussion post and generate new questions
A well written discussion post should provide fellow students with the opportunity to reflect deeply, to reflect on their experience, to research and analyze your ideas, and expand upon your initial ideas or questions.
please read the instruction for the paper

Last Updated on March 10, 2020