Differences and similarities between personnel and management and HRM

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You should address ONE of the questions given below and write a 2500 (+/- 10%)


  1. Legge (1995) has identified HRM as effectively being ’old wine in a new bottle’. Discuss the differences and similarities between personnel and management and HRM.
  1. Discuss the importance of the employment relationship from both an employer and employee perspective.
  1. Discuss why HR Planning has become such an important part of HR activity.
  2. Outline what should be the purpose of performance management and appraisal.

Assessment Criteria

Your assignment will be marked by the following assessment criteria:

Use of resources as evidence to support your argument.·

Quality of the written presentation.·

Quality of the argument put forward.·

Please see Appendix 1·

Please note the following additional requirements:

You are expected to present in an academic manner and to provide evidence from theoretical literature to substantiate your analysis;

Your work ought to be fully referenced using the Harvard Style

Your written assessment must be submitted through Turnitin/Canvas, we cannot accept copies sent via email;

Your work will not exceed 2,500 words (+/-10%)·

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