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Developing and growing a business

Select a company that has grown rapidly over the last five years. Identify and analyze the strategies that it used to do so. Discuss what you learn about developing and growing a business and the challenges to growth.

Discuss the literature, need the combination of theory and practice. provide as many charts,graph,table as you can. lecturer likes something like these inside the essay. Internal and external analysis.

Why do firms grow?

What is the link with innovation, creativity,enterprise?

What is the inter-connection between these?

Why is firm growth important from a socio-economic perspective?

What are the challenges for firms to grow?

What are the challenges of applying innovation, creativity and enterprise in practice, within existing organisations or when pursuing new ventures?

What are examples of best/poor practice?

What does the literature say?

What have you learnt personally and from a ‘business development’ perpective?

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