Design of a suspension bridge using graphene

Design of a suspension bridge using graphene

Write a small introduction including the strength of graphene (Elastic modulus= 1TPa; Tensile Strength = 125GPa) and carbon nanotubes (CNT) on the nanoscale. Then, find the strength of graphene (nano-ribbons or CNT) in the macro scale (however, this paper should assume that graphene can be produced in bulk production at a scale necessary to use in construction, therefore the references I gave using CNTs and connecting them should not be the case).

The main body should be the design of the suspension bridge using the strength and stiffness given. I would like this to include the maximum possible span using this super material, by introducing typical forces that act on the bridge (i.e Self weight, Vehicle loads and wind loads). Vibrations of the bridge should also be calculated to ensure it will be safe.

Finally, a conclusion including what the limitations are of the material and of such bridge. And how this work can be developed in the future to design extraordinary structures (for example a bride across sea or ocean).

Note: Since this paper is looking in the future, limitations such as prices and production quantities should not be considered. However one of the main issue is whether graphene nano ribbons can be as long as required, or can they be rolled into tubes while still having exceptional properties.

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