Description of service learning

For this Major Assignment you will develop an overview and description of the community agency.

Demonstrate your understanding of an organization’s inputs, throughputs, and outputs (including the mission, goals, objectives; target population; staff credentials & expertise; funding sources and outcomes).

See Meyers, Ch.1 for guidance.

You should conduct informal interviews, review the organizations published material (artifacts), use the website, Guidestar and any other reliable resource.

You can also include photos for illustration.

NOTE: As a resource you can Use GuideStar to access additional information about your agency. See the link,

“GuideStar for Eduacation” to see how you can use this resource for all your Service Learning Projects in this class…..
The agency is The Wesley Mission located in Mansfield Texas.


When Mansfield neighbors are in crisis, we provide immediate financial support.
But more than that – we’re also a catalyst in helping them create a new financial future.
We’ve learned that transformed lives are a result of RESOURCES and RELATIONSHIPS.
please visit their website at www.wesleymission

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