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Dehydration of an alcohol

Answer the following questions after watching the assigned Youtube video. You can copy/paste the following link to watch the video:

  1. Show a reaction scheme for the target synthesis.

2. Show the reaction mechanism of the acid-catalyzed reaction of 2-methyl-2-butanol with sulfuric acid.

3. What is the theoretical yield for your synthesis? You need to use the amounts of reactants mentioned in the video. Show calculations.

4. What is the percent yield? Show calculations.

5. Why distillation was used for this experiment? Hint: Think about the reversibility of this reaction.

6. At what temperature was the product collected when doing the distillation? Why?

7. What precautions you must take when handling the products of this reaction to reduce the probability of evaporation due to their volatility?

8. The drying agent used in the video was ______________________.

9. Describe the chemical test(s) performed in the video to identify the presence of

a double bond.

10. The predicted major product of this reaction is _______________________ and the minor product is ______________________. Provide a brief explanation.

  1. Is this reaction E1 or E2? Why? 12. How could you verify the synthesis of your products? Provide a brief explanation. Hint: GC-MS or NMR.

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