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Deep Web research project

Write a 12 to 13 pages about Deep web it should be APA style format. Also with a power point and should be very detailed.

The topic: Deep web or dark net

Number of pages: 20 pages

Style format: APA style

PowerPoint: very detailed

Also, the notes in the PowerPoints needed in separate word document.

Individual Research based projects must be at least 12-15 pages in length and conform to APA citation style. Any implementation / coding that is part of your project, may reduce the amount of writing (which also needs to be approved). Title pages, images, graphics, bulleted lists, references, code samples, and large citations do not count toward page length. All projects will be run through plagiarism detection software. Your project needs to be supported for scholarly sources and written at a high level.

Each person will need to submit a project proposal via blackboard by the posted due date at the latest. Project proposals can be a short paragraph/ a few sentences, briefly describing your topic idea.

Last Updated on February 11, 2019

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