Deep root-causes for China-Taiwan conflict

What are the deep root-causes for China-Taiwan conflict and in what way does this conflict pose a major threat to regional stability?


The research proposal should follow a standardized format that includes a section of theoretical or analytical framework, plan for the structure (with a few subheadings), empirical findings (statistical data), central argument based on the analysis of empirical data and application of a theoretical/analytical framework to the concrete issues covered by the proposal; and conclusion, together with a short bibliographic list (not counted as word limit).

The questions you ask yourself once you finish the first draft: what is the central argument? Is the structure coherent with an arrangement of specific relevant issues as contents? Is there a review of literature that briefly covers relevant schools of thought on the subject? Are the major points supported by empirical evidence? Has the theoretical/analytical framework been constructed to guide issue-analysis? Dose the conclusion correspond to the central argument and match the empirical findings? These will make the basis for assessment.

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