Deep Learning

Deep Learning Assignment 


In this assignment, you’ll need amazon_review_500.csv for this assignment. This csv file has two columns as follows. The label column provides polarity sentiment, either positive or negative


label text
2 I must admit that I’m addicted to “Version 2.0…
1 I think it’s such a shame that an enormous tal…
2 The Sunsout No Room at The Inn Puzzle has oddl…




Train a CNN classification model


Create a function sentiment_cnn( ) to detect sentiment as follows:


the input parameter is the full filename path to amazon_review_500.csv convert the text into padded sequences of numbers (see Exercise 5.2)

hold 20% of the data for testing


carefully select hyperparameters: max number of words for embedding layer, inputsentence length, filters, the number of filters, batch size, and epoch etc. create a CNN model with the training data

print out accuracy, precision, recall calculated from testing data.


Your precision_macro, recall_macro, and accurracy should be all about 70%.


If your result is much lower than that (e.g. below 67%), you need to tune the hyperparameters

Also note that the label in the dataset is either 1 or 2. Your binary prediction out of CNN is either 0 or 1. Conversion is needed in order to compare predictions with actual labels

This function has no return. Besides your code, also provide a pdf document showing the following


How you choose the hyperparameters


Screenshots of model trainning history


Testing accuracy, precision, recall


Improve the performance of CNN model


Create a function improved_sentiment_cnn( ) to detect sentiment with improved accuracy


You still need to train a CNN model


You can apply different techniques, e.g.


map words to pretrained word vectors


e.g. from Google








usp=sharing)) or


e.g. from spacy package (

e.g. create your own pretrained word vectors using other review documents you can find

add additional features etc.


Your taraget is to improve the accuracy by about 5% from the model you created in Q1.


For fair comparison, make sure you use the same datasets for training/testing.


This function has no return. Please provide a pdf document showing the following


Screenshots of model trainning history


Testing accuracy, precision, recall


Your analysis about


what technique contributes to the performance improvement why this technique is useful


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