Death row

“Does a person on death row deserve to die?” To ” Does the U.S. government deserve to execute?”

Here is the structure ( or something close to this) I would like to see:
1. Introduction ( with an identifiable thesis statement ).
2. At least one paragraph explaining how asking the question of if the “U.S. government has the right to execute?” Is different than asking if a death row inmates to die.
3. Three reasons ( at least) backed up by data that use as evidence to support your thesis statements ( use in text APA citations with a works cited page at the end ).
4. Acknowledge and respond to what you believe is th best reason supporting the opposite answer of ” Does the government deserve to execute a person?”
5. Conclusion
Cite all of your sources and include a work cited page. They do not have to be-peer-reviewed journals, but you need to have at least 3 sources for the paper. APA format.

Last Updated on February 23, 2018

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