Daughters of the Troubles Homework

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In “Daughters of the Troubles”, religion is used as the primary tool for division, but there are other factors of difference at play among the population (ie. political affiliation, gender differences, socioeconomic status). This week, we will consider in detail how religion was used to establish societal differences.

In your initial 2 pages, answer the following questions:

  • Why do you think religion was chosen as the tool for establishing division? What do you think made religion so effective in this case?
  • Explain what a universalistic approach could bring to Northern Ireland. Do you think this perspective could make Nothern Irish society less segregated and divided? Why or why not? When do you think these changes would occur?
  • Imagine that you are a member of government in Northern Ireland. You have the power to enact policies that would support a less divided society. Using a universalistic approach, what are three concrete steps you would take to bring about this change?

Daughters of the Troubles (54:42)

Link: https://vimeo.com/107080655

Daughters of the Troubles immerses the viewer in the daily lives and struggles of the people in Northern Ireland who are most significantly impacted by the socialized divisions based on religion in that area of the world, and where reconciliation is possible. Please click on the link above to watch this video on Vimeo.

2 pages refelction profolio

2- full page reflection (500 words)

This section will discuss your writing process this semester and contextualize the creative pieces in the portfolio, in light of what you learned and studied. (See my profolio below after instruction)

Every point below should be included in this 2 pages reflection:

  • Explain your most significant revisions within the portfolio pieces and how and why you revised these pieces. 500 words is a short essay, so focus on specific key points, rather than touching on everything and anything.
  • Explain what pieces in which you felt most creative and why. What is it about these pieces that surprises you as a writer?
  • Explain what your breakthrough moments are in your portfolio and why.
  • Explain what readings from the textbook and course modules best helped your writing process and progression. Cite quotes from what Sellers advised that clicked with your writing.
  • Set up this reflection with an introduction that creates a focus for the above explanation and reflection. Add a word count to your heading, along with your name, in the left-hand corner. Give your reflection a title after you have written it!

Revision Requirements:

  1. Include all of the pieces below. This would mean you are including 7 pieces from the semester.
  2. On each piece label in the left hand corner what type of revision you applied to that piece: radical revision, textbook revision, and minor revision.
  3. 2 of the pieces below must be radically revised, which means you make major changes in improving the piece, based on my comments, what you have learned through the readings, and the new perspective you have on the piece now that some time has passed.
  4. 1 of the pieces should be revised by using any one revision technique provided on page 392-394 of the Revision chapter in your textbook. (Use radical revision)
  5. The remaining 4 revisions can be slight improvements. Minor revisions.

Writing Assignments to Include:

4 poems (due during weeks 2-4)

There will be a variety of poems that you will write early in the term. Of the five poems that you will write, you will revise four and include them in the portfolio.

Creative Non-Fiction Piece (topic due week 5, draft due week 6)

Short Story (concept due week 7, draft due week 9)

2-3 pages of One-Act Play (draft due week 12)

Below are my profolio that you will need to use and know before this assignment:

My 4 poems:



file:///Users/apple/Downloads/week3 POEMS.docx


My Creative Non-Fiction Piece:



My Short Story:

file:///Users/apple/Downloads/Shortstory Draft.docx

2-3 pages of One-Act Play:



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