Cybersecurity Policies

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In 1,500 or More Words Answer the Following Question

Construct an organizational security policy document. Consider all necessary controls and cybersecurity domains. You can look at existing policies on the Internet and base your Assignment on some of these, however, paraphrase the material in your own words. Do not forget to cite your sources. There should be at least five sources for your Assignment. You can use any appropriate original materials that you have used for any discussions or Assignments earlier in this class.

Replace these words with your own 1,500 or more words supported by five sources about …7 Domains: 1) Access Controls 2) Security Operations asnd Asmin 3) Risk ID and Monitoring 4) Incident Response and Recovery 5) Cryptography 6) Networks and

Communication 7)Systems and App Security. Some policy types are: BYOD, data retention, acceptable use (AUP), non compete/discloser, least privilege, Physical security policy, Network Usage Policy, data retention policy, MDM, change management, Internet usage, access control policy, hardware life cycle policy. SOME POLICY TEMPLATEs:


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