Cyber security research paper

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Research a cybercriminal or cyber criminal organization that has been caught.


Create an 8- to 10-slide presentation in which you address the following:


Identify the criminal or organization and provide demographic and geographical information about them.


What type of cybercrime did the offender commit?


Who was the target of the crime?


What might the profile and motives be for a cybercriminal who commits this type of cybercrime?


What methods would you recommend using to identify an offender such as this?



Each slide should consist of 4 – 6 bullets. 


Include 50 to 100 words in speaker notes explaining each slide.


Diagrams and photos should relate and not be added for fluff. 


Provide at least 3 Academic / Scholarly references.


100% Original Work.


Must Be Graduate Level Writing. 


Last Updated on March 15, 2020