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Customer expectations and sales/marketing

Find an article related to customer expectations as it relates to sales/marketing. The article should be long enough, probably 2-3 pages minimum, so that you can write a 1-2 page summary of the article (Word doc.), double spaced. relating key points to the lesson.

Understanding Customer Needs

The last paragraph of your summary should be your own personal thoughts about the subject matter in the article. Include the article title and where you found the article (example: Yahoo news, Rolling Stone Magazine, etc.).Grading will be based on the rubric or grading guide below.

Marketing Minute 021: “Managing Customer Expectations” (Marketing Strategy) #MarketingMinute


These are the presentation for the class and the essay needs to reflects the idea in these video and objectives.


Sales Tip 5- Understanding Customer Needs

  1. Understanding Customer Needs

What’s This Lesson All About?

This lesson will examine one of the most important concepts in sales……understanding the buyer. Consumers purchase about 70% of our country’s goods and services, and businesses about 30%. However, the amount of money spent is significantly higher for businesses.This chapter looks specifically at business buyers and business-to-business sales. Unless we take the time to truly understand the business buyer’s needs and wants, and the buying process, our job as a professional sales rep is incomplete and we will have failed to build the trust we need.

Learning Objectives:

1) Categorize primary types of buyers.

2) Discuss the key characteristics of business markets.

3) List the various steps in the business-to-business buying process.

4) Explore how to manage customer expectations and buying needs and a sales person’s role in this process.

5) Describe how buyers evaluate suppliers.

6) Explain the two factor model buyers use to evaluate sales offerings.

7) Explain the different types of purchasing decisions.

8) Describe the 4 communication styles and how sales reps must adapt their approach.

9) Explain the concept of buying teams and describe member roles.

10) Be able to discuss changing trends in purchasing.

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