Current economic developments in Oman reflecting the impact of COVID 19

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You are required to complete the tasks given below:

The Sultanate of Oman had focused very early on ‘Tourism’ as a promising sector for its strategy to diversify income sources. With COVID 19 pandemic, Oman like all countries had to apply precautionary restrictive measures which reflected negatively on most if not on all sectors of the economy. ‘Tourism’ and the closely related ‘Travel industry’ were among the most negatively affected economic sectors in Oman.


The student is required to:

  1. Maintain a digital portfolio / scrapbook of economic news to show the above stated negative effect and highlight any supportive measures initiated by the Omani Government to help the named economic sectors.

The news are to be collected from internet sources (Newspapers, magazines, reports, or any other secondary sources). A minimum of (10) news from each of the named sectors should be provided and the source and date of every piece of news should be clearly stated.

  1. Write a relevant commentary below every piece of news provided, reflecting a clear understanding of the economic implications of the news.


The student is required to submit a short written report of around 700 to 1000 words, summarizing his/her findings on the current economic developments in Oman, reflecting the impact of COVID 19 on the two named areas and relating the findings to his/her knowledge of macroeconomic concepts and to the international economic environment.



  1. Maintaining a digital news scrap book/portfolio on the current developments (during 2020) in both the ‘Tourism’ and the ‘Travel industry’ sectors which reflect COVID 19 negative impact (50% weighting).
  2. Writing a report on the same discussing the negative impact in a macroeconomic context (50% weighting).
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Is there a word limit : 1000 words

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