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Culture & Ethics

Assignment 2: Culture & Ethics

As a company that exports Chinese medicinal materials, in addition to respecting local culture, laws, and ethics, it also needs to have higher standards for itself, because medicinal materials are a precious social resource.

The following is what I think a medicinal material company, especially a Chinese medicinal material company while gaining profit and occupying the market, the most important thing is to bring health to patients. As a Chinese medicinal material company, the main function of our medicinal materials is a conditioning, and the effect is slightly slower, but the side effects of herbal medicines are small, and there is little harm to the human body without subsequent harm. The following are the specific cultural, ethical and social responsibilities that I think companies need to comply with:

Corporate culture:

  1. Focus on healthcare and patients-everything we do is for the benefit of patients. 2. Integrity-We should be ethical, honest and respect others in everything we do. 3. Independence-independent decisions made by all parties should be protected from adverse effects. 4. Legality-everything we do should be justified, legal, and uphold these spiritual principles and values. 5. Transparency-We have open ideas and open behaviors, while respecting legitimate business ideas and intellectual property rights. 6. Responsibility-We are willing to take responsibility for our actions and relationships.

Ethical and social responsibility:

In terms of drug marketing, companies should promote, sell, and distribute drugs in an ethical, objective, balanced and responsible manner, and comply with relevant laws and regulations. The information on promotional materials should help evaluate the pros and cons of related drugs and their use.

Then, we need to carry out education and training on the safe, correct and effective use of medicines. Finally, we should abide by relevant business ethics.

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