Cultural interview

cultural interview


Title: Becoming a Helper Edition: 7th (2015) Author: Marianne Schneider Corey and Gerald Corey Publisher: Cengage Learning Book ISBN: 978-1-305-08509-1 Please read Chapters 6 and 7 in your textbook, Becoming a Helper.

Cultural Interview

Part 1: Interview an individual or family from a culture other than their own. If time does not allow for an in person interview, try a phone interview or ask questions via e-mail. Before your meeting, develop a list of approximately 10 questions on the following topics:

Importance and role of the family
Gender issues
Attitudes about mainstream U.S. culture
Social class
Cultural values
Language issues
Ambition and family obligations
Adapting to America or to a new region of America
Experiences with microaggressions or more direct forms of racism or discrimination

Part 2: Write a 4 to 6 page paper summarizing what you learned in the interview. Support or negate your findings with support from research in the Library. Your paper should include 4 to 6 sources from peer reviewed journals.

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