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Cryptography Access control

(Each student will write a research paper, the paper focus on the technical, mathematical and the use of Cryptography application. Each student will be located on a project from the following list)

These are Topics(choose any one) and instructions:

Cryptography Access control
Cryptography key management

Cryptography Authentication
BB84 Protocol
Cryptography Quantum key distribution
Cryptography Quantum Coin Flipping
Symmetric encryption and message authentication material construction
Secured application-level data transport
Non-repudiation methods
Secret sharing methods
Secure multi-party computation
Cryptography formal model: Burrows–Abadi–Needham logic
Cryptography formal model: Dolev–Yao model
Cryptography formal model: π-calculus (or pi-calculus)
Cryptography formal model: Protocol composition logic
Secure Shell
Network Link encryption
Wireless communication
Digital signature
Content encryption
Security Token
Identity federations
Steganography algorithms
Pseudorandom functions
Cryptography Protocols
Authentication protocols
Secure remote passwords
Bluetooth pairing
Common criteria (cryptography product)certification andaccreditation
Cryptographic product selection criteria
Network Link encryption
Wireless communication
Device encryption
Content encryption
Physical Access and contactless Token
Identity Federation

Research paper Structure

Introduction summary of the work
The benefit of the application
Application description
Application implementation description
Implementations issues (if any)
Application use (end user use) description

Research paper Format

Each research papers should not less than 25-30 pages, each page 300 word, single spacewith Arial font and size of 10

Titles and subtitles are in Arial font and size of 12 (bolds)

Do not use pictures copied from the web, use graphic design through MS Visio

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