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Critiques of Development Theory

Critiques of Development Theory

Word length should be 450-500 words.

Does Rivoli believe in the development ladder? To what extent does she agree with Rostow that every country goes through the same stages of development? Does Rivoli believe that every country should go through the same stage of development?

  1. In two well-formulated paragraphs, analyze Rivoli’s perspective in relation to Rostow’s Modernization Theory. Respond to the prompt questions above in bold. Cite specific page numbers and passages.
  2. In two paragraphs, choose one of the week’s concepts (see week four’s module) that you believe best encapsulates this week’s Rivoli reading (You can choose any of those concepts, as long as you make a sound and clear argument). Clearly explain your concept of choice. You don’t need to use quotes in these two paragraphs, but be specific in your justification (no broad generalizations please). This means avoiding statements such as: “I think neoliberalism is the best concept because it clearly tells the story of the modern t-shirt industry.” Instead, explain how the characteristics of your chosen concept overlap with t-shirt markets. Convince your reader that Rivoli’s reading represents your concept through precise arguments.


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