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Crime Scene Investigation

Address the following questions from Chapter 3 and 4 in APA essay format.

Questions for Review

1. Discuss the seven key objectives of a crime scene investigation:

2. The start of the crime scene investigation begins with documenting the scene. Discuss what takes place during this process:

3. Explain some of the federal agencies that could respond to cases such as clandestine laboratories, mass disasters, terrorist acts, bombings, or major fires:

4. Explain some of the specialized photographic techniques that may be needed at a crime scene and also any unusual photographic problems that may occur:

5. Outline the typical cases where a forensic nurse would be utilized to collect physical evidence:

6. Explain the differences between postmortem forensic toxicology, human- performance forensic toxicology, and forensic urine drug testing:

Essay Requirements: Microsoft Word document

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