Crest Toothpaste

Crest Toothpaste.

Select a product, from grocery store, drug store or supermarket, which to the best of your knowledge is not actively advertised or promoted. Satisfy the following steps in regular term paper format.

1. Identify your product (crest toothpaste) and at least three other competitors in the same category (colgate, close-up, sensodyne). Compare/ contrast your product and the identified competitors in the followint ways: package design, ingredients, shelf position, prie, availability or in any way that you feel differentiates these products.

2. Prepare a one-page(maximum) history of the product and the company (crest) that produces it. Do not just reprint Internet information. Use your own words.

3. Identify the positioning strategy (how the product presented) for the competing products. If can’t determine the strategy because of the lack of advertising/promotion use your best judgment.

4. Develop a positioning strategy for your product (crest) based on your research and personal observations. the positioning should help it stand out from the others in the category. Think about the strategies discussed in class.

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