Creating FR Questions

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Use Resources and Attachment to help complete.


Introducing and assessing new mathematical concepts to students is often a difficult venture. As teachers, we try our best to include real life applications and online resources. This week’s lecture introduced you to the type of problems on the AP exams that assess students using multiple questions based on one concept or story as well as a few different rich tasks.


Create three (6 points each) free-response type problems or rich tasks. Please consult the reading before creating these problems to ensure your problems are similar to those type. The problems must be YOUR work (not taken from a textbook or online source). The problems may be created for your level of students (if you do not teach Calculus), but in the free response/rich task style.

The level of mathematics will depend on your students – please include the course for which these problems are written. They need not be all the same level (if you teach different courses.) At least two of the problems should include a real life application. Use the questions from the reading, lecture, and forum video as guides. A correct answer key must be included.




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