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Cost Accounting Assignment

Cost Accounting Assignment Instructions:

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  • You are required to work in this assignment individually.
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  • Students who submit assignments after deadline, will get ZERO.
  • If you engaged in plagiarism, you will get ZERO marks in the assignment or course.


Cost Accounting Assignment Question: 1-                                                                                     

                     (3 points)

If you have these 2 constraints:

0.6R+4D £ 180,000MachineHour constraint

3R+5D £ 150,000 Direct LaborHour constraint


aDraw a graph showing the possible production plans for this company.

b- From your opinion where is the feasible area of the production plan. Explain your answer.



Cost Accounting Assignment Question no 2

A housekeeping support department budgets its costs at SR 40,000 per month plus SR 12 / hour. For January the following were the estimated and actual hours provided by the housekeeping support department to 3 operating department.

 Estimated hours spent cleaning  Actual  hours spent cleaning 
Department A16001500
Department B14001600
Department C20001800
Total 50004900


A-        What is the support department’s allocation rate if estimated activity is the allocation base?

B         What is the support department’s allocation rate if actual activity is the allocation base?

C         List one advantages and one disadvantage for each types of allocation rate. (3 points)

3- Al Yamamah Steel Industries Co. uses the step method for allocating the costs of its service departments to operating departments. The company has two support departments (Human Resource and Information Technology) and two operating departments (Hot Rolled Hollow Steel and Cold Rolled Hollow Steel).

Al Yamamah Steel Industries Co. decided to allocate Human Resource department costs based on the number of employees in each department and Information Technology costs based on the number of machine hours in each department.       (4 Points).


a- Give a numerical example for the four departments as a given information.

 Support DepartmentsOperating DepartmentsTOTAL
Human ResourceInformation TechnologyHot Rolled Hollow Steel cold Rolled Hollow Steel
Total department cost     
Number of employees     
Number of machine hours     

b- Then based on your given information, use the step-down method to allocate support department costs.

Allocate cost:

Human Resource     
Information Technology     


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