Corporal Punishment

Parents Using Corporal Punishment

You work for a non-profit Christian Parenting Organization. The mission of the organization is to provide parents with “Christ-centered” parenting information. The board of directors would like the next newsletter to address the issue of whether or not Christian parents should spank their children. This issue has recently been talked about a lot in many churches because an influential pastor of a large congregation in your community, Pastor Handy, has advocated strongly for parents to spank their children when they become unruly and disobedient. Pastor Handy has preached that the epidemic of disobedience seen today in children and teenagers is due to the fact that parents are less likely to spank their children compared to 20 years ago. Pastor Handy made an argument in his sermon last Sunday entitled “Sparing the Rod is Harming Our Families:”

Pastor Handy argues that the reduction in the use of spanking is a major cause for the increase in crime among teenagers. Pastor Handy supported this claim by showing a graph that revealed that, as the use of spanking by parents has decreased, the number of teenagers committing crimes has increased.

The Board of Directors is asking you to specifically address claims made by Pastor Handy.

Sociology Assessment – Social Statistics

The Board of Directors wants to ensure that they provide parents with sound parenting information, so they have asked you to analyze the strengths and/or limitations of Pastor Handy’s arguments. Answer the question below for the Board of Directors.

Pastor Handy claims that the reduction in the use of corporal punishment by parents has caused an increase in disobedience (more specifically crime) among teenagers (Document A contains the graph that he used in his sermon to support his claim. The Board of Directors had an administrative assistant obtain the Department of Justice table of statistics found in Document B).

Respond to the following questions:

• What are the strengths and/or limitations of Pastor Handy’s position on this matter?
• Based on the evidence, what conclusion(s) can you draw about Pastor Handy’s claim? How are you able to draw this conclusion or these conclusions?
• What specific information in the documents led you to draw this conclusion or these conclusions?
• Note: You must cite the source for any facts you mention in your responses.
Example: Students who do not eat fruit will have to wear polka-dotted clothes, as stated in Document A.


You are creating a separate Word document for this assignment.

• When you type your responses, use the following guidelines:
• Double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins
• Numbered pages
• First and last names in header of each page
• NOTE: Be sure to organize your paper in such a way that the grader can easily see your responses for each question. While completing the assignment, be sure to save document in intervals for backup.


• When you have completed the assignment, you must upload your paper in Blackboard.
• Click on the following link: Sociology Assessment – Social Statistics – SOCI 331 (black bold link next to the paper/pen/ruler icon).
• Under Assignment Submission, click on the Browse My Computer icon.
• Go to place where you have saved the document.
• Choose the document.
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