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Conversations about Race Argumentative essay

Identify a short essay that would fit with both this year’s topic for this course (conversations about race) AND serve as a great mentor text for some particular rhetorical elements or writing strategies we cover in this course.

Submit the article (or a link to the article), one reproduced and annotated paragraph (the comments function in MSWord works well for this), and an argument, min. 200 words, for the inclusion of this mentor text in the future.
You must provide the source of the example.

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A successful argument will include:

an overview of the essay, including the basic elements of the argument (issue, purpose, audience)
an explanation of the specific concepts and/or strategies that this example illustrates (feel free to reference the labels you’ve created)
the particular reasons that this essay is likely to be engaging or useful for the specific audience for ENGL 1310 or ENGL 1320

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