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Team Final Project Paper

Product Deliverable – Sim4Projects Simulation Paper
Mandatory Items Include:
• APA format is required for all Davenport papers
• Cover Page
• T able of Contents
• Length. Content shall be 7 – 9 pages (double-spaced) of written work. You may
have tables in an appendix but under no circumstances should the total assignment
be more than 20 pages.

• Content Areas:

o PM Concepts. Include associated textbook content specifically addressing schedule, budget, functionality, resource allocation, and stakeholder satisfaction. You may include outside research/references as well.
• ▪Cite specific content from out textbook as it applies to your experience in the simulation.

For example, address the “triple constraint” and how this concept was observed/experienced in the simulation. Make sure to cite all sources as needed.

• ▪Analysis / Explanation of how you used the reports* during the simulation. (Budget, Resource, WBS (task list), Schedule, Period Results)

o Team Dynamics. Content shall include what went well, and what did not work in the virtual project specifically addressing, teamwork, decision- making, conflict resolution, organization, and time management skills.
o Simulation Managerial Actions.

Discuss the Managerial Actions taken throughout the simulation. Analyzie how these affected the project and relate them to the textbook content.

o Include a minimum of five applicable clip art figures or images. This can be anything that adds value to your paper. This means the images should help explain a concept – think of how a textbook uses images to explain a topic.

Google images is a great resource. You can also use other available sources. Images/Clip art is included in your 7 – 9 pages. All images should be referenced correctly.

• Reference Page
• Appendix
o Appendix components are not included in your required 7-9 pages of content.
o *Reports: The following reports should be shown in the appendices to the paper. The body of the paper should include a narrative explaining the analysis from reviewing the reports:
▪Simulation Reports

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