Connection to general education outcomes and Inconvenient truth

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An Inconvenient Truth 2006

An Inconvenient Truth (2) 2017

The purpose of this assignment is to articulate a connection between the general education outcome and inconvenient truth by Al Gore

General Education Outcomes:

  1. Scientific and Technological competence is the ability to recognize the scientific method to evaluate, analyze, and interpret data, and apply technological tools and formulate accurate conclusions;
  2. Communication competence is the ability to produce and analyze written and oral texts.
  3. Theological Literacy evaluates the unique contribution that theology makes in the particular political, cultural, or social question at hand.
  4. Social Consciousness competence is articulation of strong, multidimensional views of empathy toward individual or group marginalization due to social stratification.
  5. Global and National Awareness is the ability to integrate, interpret, and analyze intercultural experiences with consideration of other world views.
  6. Critical Thinking is the ability to evaluate evidence and make reasonable and reflective conclusions.

Each paper should be at least 2 pages long

there are 2 videos and each one has to be connected to the General Education Outcomes. therfor there should be total of 4 pages.

paper should answer the following:

  1. Summary/history of the issue from the text or course discussion
  2. Articulation of how the issue relates to one of the general education outcomes
  3. What might we learn by connecting those issues to the chosen outcome


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