Computer science assignment 1

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Assignment 1




Consider the below given Hospital System and answer the questions

The Hospital Information processing consists of input; data process, data storage, output and control. During input stage data instructions are fed to the systems which during process stage are worked upon by software programs and other queries. During output stage, data is presented in structured format and reports.

Main Parameters of the Hospital:

  • Currently 400 Patients in the Hospital
  • 45 full time Doctors
  • 250 full time Nurses.
  • Buildings and rooms:
    • Main Building : 350 Patients Room , and 25 offices
    • West Building : 50 Patients Room, and 15 offices
  • Data storage centers, servers, personal computers, telecoms networks, WiFi access points and printers.
  • Hospital internet service provided by Fast-Internet LLC
  • Hospital works with Bank of Virginia East.
  • Hospital accepts major cards (Master Card and VISA)
  • All blood test have been one by external company ( B-Testing LLC ) located in Alexandria VA
  • All Payroll related works has been done external company ( AStarPayroll LLC ) located in Fairfax

IT system Hardware: Personal PCs , Server, Cables, Memory , Printer , X-ray , Big  screen monitors , card readers , Scanners

IT system Software:MS Office, Financial /Accounting, Database for Patients, Database for Doctors, Database for Building, Database for Employees

IT system Network: Intranet and Internet


You, as the IT Manager you will be developing the application processing for both centralized and distributed application processing. (See chapter 3).


Develop the section of the centralized data processing facility for the hospital. Indicate the following section.

  • List the computers that will be used in the centralized data processing facility
  • List the processing that will be done in the centralized data processing facility
  • List the data that will be stored Centralized data storage
  • Explain the benefits of having centralized data processing facility
  • Explain the drawbacks of having centralized data processing facility


As it was explained in the given Hospital systems, there are some data processing will be done by the companies outside of the hospital. You will be developing the distributed application processing.

List the companies that will provide services to the hospital IT system

Explain what kind of data will be sent to the external companies and that kind of information (process data) will be received from each external company.




Based on below given download speed requirements, and match Access Method must be provided by the Fast-Internet LLC


  Supplier Company Required

Minimum Download Speed

Access Method
Hospital Bank of Virginia East 100 Mbps  
Hospital Master Card 50 Mbps  
Hospital B-Testing LLC 1 Mbps  
Hospital AStarPayroll LLC 13 Mbps  







Provide the routing tables for R1,R2 and R3




Update  routing tables for R1,R2 and R3 based on this  new network layout


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