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Comparative criminal justice

  1. When was the institution of the jury established in Japan legally and in practice? (.50)
  2. Why did Japan decide recently to promote trial by jury? Based on the readings, do you think Japan has been successful in its objective? Why? Why not? (.50)

3.According to the readings, are there cultural/social obstacles to the success of jury trials? What are they and have they been validated by experience? Why/why not? (.50)

  1. Do juries decide most of the criminal cases in the USA? (.50)
  2. Do you agree with Tocqueville’s view on the importance of serving on a jury in the USA today? Why/why not? Add what is difference between civil and criminal matters (1 point)
  3. What differences did Tocqueville see between the jury in England and in the USA? (.50)

7.Watch the following video on jury selection,   and briefly describe main reasons to reject any person (from serving as a juror) ( 1 point)

  1. Comment on whether we should get rid of the jury system and the reasons why/why not (1 point).

Comment on another student’s answer (.50)


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