Communication Model Analysis

Communication Model Analysis

This assignment is designed to help you:
1. Define communication.
2. Become aware of the complexities involved in communication.
3. Apply the variables of communication.
4. Distinguish between communication as action, interaction, and transaction.

For this assignment, you will construct a model in which you analyze a particular communication situation and incorporate the variables of communication presented in the text: source, encoding, message, channel, receiver, decoding, feedback, noise, context, and rules. Thus, you will “draw” a model based on the diagram reflecting the transactional model of communication as shown in Chapter 1 of your text, and fill in each part with details from a specific interaction.

For example, you might choose to think about a conversation you had with a supervisor at work regarding a specific task they wanted you to complete. In that case, you would briefly describe what the conversation was about and who was involved. Then, you would draw a model of communication in which you label who was the source, who was the receiver, what was the message, etc.

You should also include a brief written summary of your model that explains in a few sentences (2-3 for each component) how you are representing each model component. So, if you follow the example above, you would write 2-3 sentences explaining that your supervisor was the source, 2-3 sentences explaining your role as the receiver, 2-3 sentences explaining the content of the message, and so on. You may use bullet points to organize this writeup in list-form.

You can use circles and/or boxes, as well as lines/arrows/etc. to draw the model. You are also encouraged to try using clip art or other images to create a unique and visually appealing interpretation of the model. You may submit this as a Word file using the attach file option, or you may copy/paste your model and writeup into the textbox provided. You should also post your model in the Discussion Board forum called Communication Models so that everyone can view each other’s model. You do not have to post your model writeup.


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