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Communication Analysis Paper

Minor Assignment #3 Communication Analysis Paper: Website, Artifacts (3) & Marquee Analysis (10% of final grade)

In Section One of your paper (Introduction)

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1. Explain the elements of communication;

2. Explain the communication process;

3. Describe the barriers to effective communication; 4. Explain the importance of a school’s effective communication tools in promoting stakeholder inclusivity;

In your paper, identify the strengths and weakness of each communication area using the class readings and outline any changes that you would make if you were the principal/leader of the organization. Make sure that you also mention your overall reactions to the relevance and timeliness of the messages.

Part A: School Website/Organization Website

Visit your school’s, another school’s, your organization’s, or other organization’s website to review the messages that are there.

  • Include a photo/link to the website. • Is the website current and easy to read and understand? Can parents or community members find information easily? • Is the principal’s/organizational leader’s message present and current?

Part B: School Communication Artifacts

Critique 3 different communication artifacts from your school/organization

  • Attach the documents/ photo/link to your paper. • Identify three different communication artifacts used at your school/organization to communicate with the school’s/organization’s internal and external publics. (e.g., newsletters, Twitter feed, Facebook, etc.) • What type of information is being shared via each communication artifact? What is the target audience of each? Internal or external?

Part C: School Marquee/Organization Marquee

View your school’s, another school’s your organization’s, or other organization’s marquee.

  • Include a photo of the marquee. • How relevant is (are) the message(s)? • Ask questions about how messages and related information are gathered and which ones are placed on the marquee. • Who is in charge of changing the messages?

Part D: Effectiveness of school/organization communication tools

  • Using the class readings, you will analyze the effectiveness of each of the communication tools used by the school/organization. Consider the following question: (1) What is the effectiveness of each of the communication tools in communicating with the internal and/or external publics of the school/organization? Provide an analysis for eachof the artifacts you included in your communication analysis.

Paper (Part A, B, C, & D to be approx. 8-10 pages in total (excluding front page and references).

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