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Common Assessment Essay

Scenario: Extra credit is one of those issues in higher education that never seems to go away. Some students love it because it helps to boost their grade, while other students loathe it because it seems to reward students who didn’t do their work in the first place. Faculty, too, disagree about the role extra credit should play in their courses—see this link for different faculty members discussing their extra credit policies:


Given this divide, imagine that CMU English faculty is considering a blanket extra credit policy for all writing classes. Before creating their policy, they want to hear as many informed arguments as possible about the topic so that they can craft the best possible policy.


Essay prompt: Write an essay in which you articulate an extra credit policy for all CMU writing classes and argue why your policy should be adopted.


Essay audience: CMU English professors.



  • The essay should be approximately 4-6 word-processed pages in length.
  • Essays should effectively integrate outside research sources.
  • All sources should be correctly cited using either MLA or APA style.

Last Updated on April 23, 2019

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