Collaborative Technology Plan

Collaborative Technology Plan_Overview

Module 2_Team Norms & Supplemental Information


Team Assignments& Expectations

Team assignments will be made by 11:59 P.M. on Tuesday of Week 2. Successful completion of this course requires a high level of collaboration and cooperation by all participants. Students will be individually accountable for their work in group assignments on the basis of respectful participation in /contribution to team meetings, collaborative documents, adherence to team norms, and the overall quality of the completed team project.

Once groups have been posted, check in with team members, via email, within 24-48 hours. (The first person listed on the team assignments will be responsible for the initial contact.)

The first meeting (Week 2)will consist of an online web conference using Skype, Google Hangouts, or other web / video conferencing site. You will accomplish the following tasks during this meeting.

  • Elect a team leader to ensure the milestones for each project are accomplished by the due dates.
  • Record minutes of your meeting and establish roles and responsibilities of all team members using the table below. Copy and paste this document at the beginning of yourGoogle document (collaborative workspace) and edit there as opposed to emailing copies back and forth to each other. This is a great way to avoid overloading your email inbox and anexcellent example of one of the many benefits of using a cloud-based, collaborative workspace.
  • Review the entire plan for required components. The information included in the following table is an example only and does not include all project requirements.                                                
Today’s Date Replace sample text (here and below) with appropriate information.
Members Present  
Members Absent  
Team Member 1 Sample Text: Research and Communicate a Variety of Mission / Vision / Belief Statements by (date). Goal 1, Strategies, Rationale Including Research; Align Appropriate ISTE Standards for Administrators, Teachers, and Students to Goal / Strategies and 21st Century Learning Design; Proofread All Components for Accuracy and Grammar.
Team Member 2 Sample Text: Goal 2, Strategies, Rationale Including Research; Align Appropriate ISTE Standards for Administrators, Teachers, and Students to Goal / Strategies and 21st Century Learning Design; Prepare Budget Detailing Unit Cost and Totals for Each Expenditure (Line Item Budget).
Team Member 3 Sample Text: Goal 2, Strategies, Rationale Including Research; Align Appropriate ISTE Standards for Administrators, Teachers, and Students to Goal / Strategies and 21st Century Learning Design; Research a Variety of RUPs, CIPA, and E-Rate; Set Meeting Agendas; Record Minutes and Coordinate Online Meetings When Necessary.
  • Establish meeting dates, times, and venue(s). For example, will you communicate primarily through email, your online document, video conferencing, etc. What time frames will you set for responding to group emails / other forms of communication?


  • If you continue to meet via video conference, include the names of members present and members absent for each meeting.
Meeting Dates / Times [Type your answer to each item in this column.]
Primary Source of Communication  
We will respond to all team correspondence within _____ days/hours.  
Other Information  
  • Inform team members of potential scheduling conflicts.
  • Team Norms
How will you ensure all team members participate in a timely manner? [Type your answer to each item in this column.]
What will you do if team members do not communicate / participate in team meetings or submit their part of the project by the due date?  
How will you handle potential disagreements / reach consensus on project items? (For example: Goals, Strategies, Outcomes, etc.)  
What strategy will you use to arrive at consensus when individuals do not agree?  
Additional Information?  



  • During weeks 3, 4, & 5, students will continue to work on the collaborative technology plan assignment according to the agreed upon schedule of tasks. Please note: Your team members must select a different font color to use when drafting the collaborative technology plan on the Google Doc. Include a key at the top of the document to identify the team members’ choice of color. Discuss progress throughout the process using your team’s agreed upon form of communication. Copy the instructor on all written correspondence concerning the collaborative technology plan.


It is the instructor’s expectation that all team members will contribute, in an equitable manner, to the collaborative technology plan. Should it become necessary to contact the instructor regarding a team member’s responsibilities, please be prepared to share specific team emails, etc. evidencing the level of participation of each person in your group.



  • At the end of Week 5 you willindividually submit a link(via Blackboard) to the Google Doc containing the rough draft of your plan. Include a brief statement (1-3 sentences) identifying your contribution to the plan.At this time, your instructor will provide constructive feedback directly on the Google Doc. You may request at any time throughout the course via email. If applicable, use the comments recorded on the Google Doc by your instructor to adjust specific elements. Feedback will occur in the form of clarifying and reflective questions.



  • Due at 11:59 P.M. on Sunday of Week 7: Students will individually uploadthe final draft of the collaborative technology plan along with the self-evaluation (assignment rubric).


  • Self-Evaluation: Use the assignment rubric(linked to Modules and located in the Links and Resources tab to the left of your screen in Bb) to individually evaluate your team plan. Using the assignment link in Blackboard, submit the rubric with the final copy of your Technology Plan.


Collaborative Technology Plan Overview

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